Monday, January 12, 2015

WC Week Ventus

More like Ventus Keyblade Armor from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

I've also made his normal outfit back in 2010 but sadly no good pictures, this is one that I have to remake! I love him as much as I love Roxas! So it goes without saying that I'd cosplay him. Aqua is also one that I'd like to make but my height suits better for Ven...

Back to the armor, it was something I planned for a long time, checking out the armor pieces throughtly, figuring out how it worked. It took also a while making it and after this cosplay I haven't made many cosplays cause I felt like I got a burn out from it. But I am pretty proud of it, the proportion was very good, the coloring could have been better but I rushed it for a competition.

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