Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Heads up!

Money being reeeeaaaaal tight means not knowing what I'll be able to do this year so it might be very quite here for a long time...

The only cosplay that I've planned to do is even a maybe, and that one would be to redo Rinoa Heartilly.

As for conventions...the summer Desucon is already sold out but I wasn't planning to go there anyways unless they have some really awesome program...
Bakacon got canceled, Animecon is waaaaaayyyyy to far away, Tracon might actually be the only big con that I might go to, so there you have it! No idea where I'll be going to this year, but I'm hoping to be more at artist alley's.

So now is a good year to save money, lose weight (and find love <3 (LOL))!

Lastly I really want to thank my readers who enjoy following my blog!
Until the time fandom hits me!