Sunday, November 11, 2012

Second time on Tilt TV

I completely forgot that I was interviewed (again!) by Tilt TV but at Tracon 2012 this time, first time was at the old Manga Cafe. It was funny when Milla called and said that I was on the tv and I was like "WHAT? xD".

Anyways about the video clip, I sound so mad, tired, pissed off, angry! xD But I think I was completely happy xD but I did need to speak quite loudly, almost shouting, so that my voice would be heard through the helmet.

Oh what can I say, the camera likes me xDDD

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy late Halloween!

PC-meeting had a halloween/game theme yesterday! I had a lot of fun playing dance central, twister, blazblue and marvel vs capcom!

But I had a real problem to come up with something to wear! So I went as Casual Rinoa Heartilly with angel wings! I think that was pretty cute idea~