Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cosplay dance 2013

I haven't posted in forever, one reason is that I haven't made really any new cosplay and that's because I have lost almost all inspiration for cosplay, which I'm actually pretty sad about... But I'll rant about that some post else.

Actually, I had fun at the cosplay ball, but my dress was made in a big hurry! And I wasn't able to get it completely done. Cause it's supposed to be shorter, but hey I started making it like the evening before the dance!!! And was sewing just an hour before I had to make myself ready.

I had lots of fun dancing and entered with my friend SonLink (cosplayed Link) the competition which added more excitment! OH MY GOD Seibai (Squall) such a handsome Squall!!! Her cosplay was done so good!!! She was one of the judges so we couldn't compete as a pair :< But we had fun in the judging room ;D

....*staring at the photos* God I'm fat, I look pregnant in one picture x'''DD