Saturday, December 31, 2011


Yeah I joined the site! You can find me here -> my Profile at WorldCosplay
I had real difficulties to find good pictures of my cosplays, especially when there aren't that many pictures of them :'D

But in the end I posted a lot of Gakuen Basara, they actually turned out pretty good if you photoshoped the color a bit. Cause it was so blue grayish and now it is more brighter!

I really want to photoshoot more!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CosplayGaala Välähdys

YES! Finally you can vote!
We entered with our Litchi Hikaru Club cosplay group

Here's the site where you can vote -> VOTE HERE!
AAH! I'm so excited! I like how this photo turned out! Those four look so cool and I look like the idiot xD UGH! Litchi pockeys...I don't like...OH! And I was actually playing angry birds there xD

Oh that was one good day of my life, had so much fun, thanks everyone :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Paper version

I actually started on a new cosplay yesterday! Here is half the paper version! Can you guess what cosplay it is?

If I continue making it with this speed I'll be able to wear it at FrostBite! And that means that Link will be on hold... and another thing with Link is that I really don't think it will make it to that convention so I had to come up with something else that's new! I really don't want to wear an old cosplay...
But! If one of the two new cosplays doesn't make it to the convetion then I'll probably be Ventus.

Another thing with this secret cosplay is that I'm scared that my body form will ruin the whole thing! So I'm really taking a big chance with this one!

Tomorrow shopping with Saana! Mostly to go buy for her stuff but maybe we can go past some shops that I need to go to ;3 Let's see, that would be Eurokangas, a hobby shop to get lots of paint and glue for the hot gluegun and then Etola!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Old Memory

I'm at my mom's appartment, my mom went through some old pictures and look what she found!
It's from late 2009 or early 2010 but I bet it's the first one. My friend Roxas made the armor, I still had no idea how to make those kind of things and the jacket was bought from New York when we were in the USA for three days :'D Jacket was bought 2008. The wig was Finnish quality, originally blond which I SPRAYPAINTED silver xDD Wig was done 2009. The only good thing was the sword which was pretty easy to make at my summerhome. Sword was made 2008. Oh how I love good ol' memories xD

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last Cosplay for 2011

Today was PKSC meeting, last one this year! So of course we had our little pikkujoulut like last year.

So I've been really busy and made this cosplay today and took about 4h cause I'm slow :'D , the jacket, hat and gloves.
I didn't have enough time to style the new wig and I really didn't want to cut it in a hurry so I used my loyal 5 year old Finnish quality wig that was my first cosplay wig! This was probably the last time that I'll wear it, so it's time for it to sad...

Anyways some pictures of the quick made cosplay and a early merry Christmas to all!

The second picture isn't so sharp but I liked the pose and the angle. Thank you Chiruka for taking the pics!!!

EDIT: Forgot the title xD