Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yellow no good

Guess what? A new wig!!! When I ordered the wig for Rinoa I also bought another one which I eventually sold because the color was completely wrong! Shall we now compare?
First up, the yellow wig on the left side!  Not only was the color wrong, it was too short at the back and the sides, THE HORROR xDD And now for the second wig! A nice blonde wig that's not shiny and is incredibly comfortable~ I know it kinda looks orange in my picture but I guess it's the lighting... so the last picture is from the seller, just to show it better.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Solving and destroying

Yeah the Wayward Wind is coming along nicely~ It's a lot lighter and not as thick as my old one, I'm really happy about it even though it's not finished yet! Still has to finish layering with "softis" and then glue, after that it's ready for paint! We'll see if it needs another layer of glue after the paint to get a bit shine on it, that was something I noticed that has to be done with the armor since it's not anymore going to be painted in only gold and silver so it doesn't get the shiny glitter so to say but the glue solved the problem very well.

In process and trying to blend the right color and also testing how it looked on the surface, the reason why I decided to layer it witch softis to get it more even but first to the store to buy materials!!!

Here you can see the armor, really having a hard time getting the right color and you can see how dull the suface is. You can also see the color difference it's going to get.

So as some problems got solved, other bigger problems came on the way...
I fucking can't cut fabric right on the first go so I have to buy more, guess if you can find it in a fabric store now? Nope, NADA, NIX, NOTHING!!! FUCK!!! Yeah...

For now I'll just try to do other things and calm down...And maybe come up with some other material that could replace it or look for a store online...

I'm also incredably happy that I got the shoes (almost) done!!! (Just needs a bit paint and then the glue layer.) But I was really worried because I had no motivation to do them, and then I did them like in two days!!! "Like, wow, I did them...WTF! :'D"

So now the only things that I worry about how to do on my cosplay is: How am I going to fasten some parts of the armor to the suit? Should I sew them or what? Will the glue hold? Will the armor stretch enough when I put it on and while moving? This is the biggest issue... and hopefully it would solve easily and fast! Tracon is coming with lightning speed and I'm nowhere near ready!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tracon: "Oh shit..."

Yeah I signed up for the cosplay competition a while ago and struggeling with my cosplay. One day I was nervous an stressing so much that I actually sat on my prop which then broke so that it couldn't be repaired, trying now a new technique to do it and the first attempt failed... trying to come up with different ideas to do it! And the results can hopefully be seen tomorrow...

Most of the armor is done, did the shoes today and maybe I'll redo the helmet, then ofcourse everything needs to be painted and some parts need to be attached to the bodysuit "somehow" *sigh*. That's probably the hardest and most stressing part... And so with all this stress and lots of other worrying things I've been really depressed, one day it was completely horrible and almost decided not come at all to Tracon but luckily Densu cheered me up! Just thinking of how much fun we'll have the day before the convention just makes me smile! It will be just me and Densu and KINGDOM HEARTS!!! So for us it will kinda be like three days of awesomeness xD

Also I probably don't want to be two days in a thight hot bodysuit in which it will be even hard to sit in but I can't come up with a cute or sexy cosplay outfit. There is an idea of doing a casual!fem! version, at least for the evening party.

As for sunday, not sure what cosplay to wear, maybe Ventus cause I don't have any decent pictures. The only pictures that I have is when I finnished it except the shoes and the wig was just a test wig so it was horrible!!!! So we'll see if I have the energy to drag it with me :'D Because the cosplay for the competition will take a lot of space, the thought of how I'm going to carry it whole in one piece seems impossible xD

OH! Some of my friends are going to performe "1800: Alkujen ja loppujen aika". Most of the people I haven't talked to in ages, almost for over a year or so, except for Nuuttii whom I keep in touch on messenger (I only talk to two people on messenger like regulary :'D) and recently Jansutti since we meet at Vesacon which is really nice~ One day I did run into Piraattitomaatti and we talked for a long time catching up. The rest I haven't seen or have seen and just waved to say hi but it would be nice to talk too also :3 But back to the performance! I probably won't be able to see it because of the competition, if only it could have started one hour sooner!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tilt TV

It was almost half a year ago that I was interviewed by Tilt at Manga Cafe, I was so nervous I was shaking the whole interview and I couldn't hear the questions the guy was asking xD Plus being so nervous everything he asked pretty much went through my other ear xD In the end it went horribly in my opinion but apperantly good enough for them to publish it xDDD So embarrising!!! *MAJORFACEPALM* xD