Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Oh boy, oh boy, where do I start...

It was a early morning wakeup call, OtakuSummit was held at Makuhari Messe, the second largest convention center which is located in Chiba perfecture, passing Disney Land haha! It's not really that far from Tokyo when taking the express!

Me and Seibai arrived on time, even had a quick breakfast. We went to the meetup spot from where we continued to the changing rooms. Compared to the Finnish convetions changing room it was not what I had expected, there wasn't even a fullbody mirror... luckily the bathroom was near by, where I was able to put contacts and makeup... The contacts I bought in Japan and were awesome! Made my iris bigger and nice color! I haven't worn contacts for a little over a year because of the laser operation for my eyesight. Then there was also difficulties where to use hairspray, in the end that problem was solved as well though it was hard without a translator until a foreign cosplayer who spoke Japanese was able to help! Really greatful for that!

As soon as the cosplays were put on we moved to another room where we could leave our stuff and then continued to where the evening show was gonna be held to have our rehearsal. There we spent much of the time mingling, listening to music, dancing and having a bit difficulties to hear our instructions haha! After rehearsal we went back to the room and there was some time to fix makeup and then the show started, god I was nervous but really had fun! As Stella I was not sure what kind of an expression I should wear because of the little material that has been released of her. After the catwalk we were free to go. I loved the staff and the other cosplayers cause I really did have a great time with them! Wish my Japanese was better so that I would have been able to communicate better... Well with a small group we went to look around the place but pretty soon we went to change, headed somewhere to eat and then back "home"... I want to explain in more detail but it was just so great meeting so many new people... ah I wish I could just show everyone through my own eyes what happened since I'm having such a hard time to even write it down. Maybe I'll explain this again in detail in another post but it might not happen, now I just feel that I'm obligated to post something... All I can say is I love cosplayers from all around the world, no matter how far we are we will always be connected~ This experience proved that cosplay is a great community!
Here is a few pictures and a video that I can share!

Sakura, Seibai and me!

Can't spell Finland lol
Why did I open my mouth...