Sunday, July 29, 2012

R and R

Lots has happened! I got two new wigs, I sold two wigs, made my Rinoa cosplay, went to Ropecon and got some pictures of it!

Yeah the black wig for Rinoa, and maybe someday for Tifa, arrived and also a short yellow was supposed to be blond and a bit longer... Luckily I got it sold and also the black/silver wig that I had first bought for KH3DRiku which I never used.

So Ropecon went well! And got lots of good photos of my cosplay! Thanks Nezumi, Janica and Sami for taking pictures! And also everyone else for the good company :'D

I think this is my third female cosplay, I crossplay more... First one was Midna(Zelda:TP) then some versions of Luka Megurine and now Rinoa! <3