Thursday, May 22, 2014

@Turku, Cosvision & Kikucon

Oh my god, Cosvision is probably my best convetion this year, it cannot be topped.

Actually I don't remember much from the first day, A few people took videos of me, but mostly I was chatting with friends catching up! I was kinda waiting when Miya would have time to photoshoot but it got late and I had already changed to normal clothes heading out to eat so we decided to shoot later.

Photo taken by Sanna Savolainen, edited by me

The next day my friends were hosting the cosplay competition as Tulio and Miguel the next day, their Chell wasnt able to come so I got the honour to performe her small part on stage ;D their performance was awesome!
After my part I rushed to see my friends panel Meihenä cosplayn maailmassa, they and the audiance seemed to have lots of fun!
Me and Miya were finally able to have our photoshoot, thou very hurried, cause she had her Q&A panel, which I went to see. Afterwards I went with her, Kaname and Erika to the greenroom and got some food, and afterwards me and Miya went to her room to discus about the plans for tourguide in Helsinki for Kaname the next day. After that we were starting to head back home, thou I wished that I could have stayed a bit longer...

But my convention continued on for a third day! Or at least it felt so!
Me and Milla waited for Miya, Kaname, Erika and Sofia to arrive and starting our quick Helsinki tour which was not much... We went to the Moomin shop, walked through Esplanadi to the Market and the passed by the Cathedral on our way to the Kahvila Suomi to have lunch. Kaname was so friendly and I hope he enjoyed his time in Finland! Ah~ my heart was pounding so hard!

Then the next weekend was Kirsikankukkacon aka Kikucon. I had no plans to go there but my friend needed help so I was helping out at the Manga Café table. It was kinda nice to see so many new people interested in these kind of things, I mean this was a good convention for beginners, first-timers, which made the atmosphere filled with ease. That's why eventhough I was working all time, to see new people enjoying their first convetion brought back memories, this was a very pleasant convention!