Monday, January 30, 2012

CosplayGaala Välähdys Results!


Thank you everybody who voted for us~

"CosplayGaala, Helsinki, 23.10.2011
CosplayGaala tarjosi tuttuun tapaan koko päivän täydeltä cosplayta. Välähdys-kilpailun voittaja keräsi yli 51% kaikista äänistä - Välähdyksen historian toiseksi paras suoritus.

Valahdys voittaja gaala 10-2011
CosplayGaalan voitokas ryhmä. Kuva Miika Ojamo.
1. Kertokaa jotain ryhmästänne - vaikka nimiä tai nimimerkkejä, hahmoja, tai jotain muuta.
Ryhmään kuuluvat nimimerkit Sieg, Dynsse, Elec, Ginga ja Ecca. Hahmot ovat mangasta Litchi Hikari Club, ja kyseessähän ovat hämärää salaseuraa pitävät yläastelaispojat.
2. Mistä tuli ajatus Välähdys-kilpailuun osallistumiseen?
Se vaan tuntui kaikista hyvältä idealta.
3. Kauanko kesti saada kaikki ilmeet kohdilleen onnistunutta kuvaa varten?
Suunnittelimme ilmeitä etukäteen, mutta loppujen lopuksi kaikki tekivät mitä lystäsivät. :D
4. Ja vielä se klassinen kysymys loppuun: Miltä nyt tuntuu?
Klassinen vastaus: Mahtavalta!"

You can find this quoted section HERE.

I'm not gonna translate this whole thing except that we got over 51% of the votes which is the second best performance in history of Välähdys :D I feel pretty good about that~

I wanna thank the voters and our other awesome LHC members!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Riku 3D: Start

I'm trying to make Riku from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance 3D And this is how far I've gotten!

I'm making it slowly cause I'm gonna do it real properly like, zigzaging all the sides and stuff like that so even though otherwise it could be done pretty fast! But I also don't have that much time to do on it.
And why am I making it so properly? Why ofcoure I want to compete with it! So I've been looking for someone who'd cosplay Sora for two reasons, 1. To get awesome pictures 2. To have a performance on stage, but the second one depends on the other person, I won't force anybody who doesn't want to.

Oh and since I'd think it'd be lame to go compete just in this outfit, I'm also making his keyblade, the Way to the Dawn.
I've failed two times now xD first I made a base out of  sleeping pad according to google translate, and then putting plaster(? another google translate word...) but it became too heavy and kept getting broken, next I used the same base but tried to use paper with the glue + water combination, but that didn't get stiff enough...
Now my mom bought some kind of wood board that I'm gonna try to use next, the biggest problem is how am I going to cut it, especially the curvy and small places... 

This one I'm TRYING to make to Chibicon, which is in february 25, so pretty soon! I bought the ticket today :3
Notice how I always use the word "trying" that's because I'm never sure if I will finish it xD  

Sunday, January 15, 2012

After Frostbite

Yeah... a bit dissapointed but I guess it was...OK...bearly!
I'm tired of walking all alone or doing stuff I'm not interested in! I needed a KH friend there to hang out with but those whom I know aren't really into it anymore, it died like 3-4 years ago... It's not that easy to make new friends at a con than at a meeting... Suprisingly there were quite many KH cosplayers ESPECIALLY Roxas xD which I felt stupid about cause if I had know then I would have been Ven instead :P

The programs...meh, on saturday the only interesting was the cosplay competition which are starting to get boring to watch, I do want to enter one day myself!
On sunday it was a bit better! And the last one was the best which got me into a good mood, too bad I had to leave the con right after that.

But finally I got good pictures of my Roxas cosplay <3

Friday, January 13, 2012

Before Frostbite

I should be sleeping since I have to wake up in a few hours and leave for Lahti! Where Desucon Frostbite awaits! Sadly my Ventus armor won't make it to the event, because the glue just wouldn't stick! and pretty much made it ugly... So I started styling the new Roxas/Ven wig cause I decided to go as Roxas since I don't have anything nice in the closet for a Casual!Luka Megurine...

Here's a picture how far I got with the armor:

By the way, I was actually able to make the helmet!!! And I was so sure that it would be impossible for me! I like it! Though it's really thight and hard to breathe in xD

I still have some styling and packing to do, see ya people at the con!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The secret armor

On Monday I gave up completely on the armor! I had had enough! But now I've relaxed a little bit and it has new hope~
Frostbite starts this Saturday so on Friday my cosplay has to be ready!!! And I'm not sure if it will make it..
Here are some shots of the cosplay, it's not completely done and depending on how it looks on me, because of my extra fat, it might not look good and if it looks horrible then I won't even wear it!

Then I'd have to go with my backup plan as some casual which will suck cause I really wanted an awesome cosplay to this event...