Sunday, January 15, 2012

After Frostbite

Yeah... a bit dissapointed but I guess it was...OK...bearly!
I'm tired of walking all alone or doing stuff I'm not interested in! I needed a KH friend there to hang out with but those whom I know aren't really into it anymore, it died like 3-4 years ago... It's not that easy to make new friends at a con than at a meeting... Suprisingly there were quite many KH cosplayers ESPECIALLY Roxas xD which I felt stupid about cause if I had know then I would have been Ven instead :P

The programs...meh, on saturday the only interesting was the cosplay competition which are starting to get boring to watch, I do want to enter one day myself!
On sunday it was a bit better! And the last one was the best which got me into a good mood, too bad I had to leave the con right after that.

But finally I got good pictures of my Roxas cosplay <3

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