Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Skyward Sword

Oh god I want to cosplay so many characters from the new Zelda game: Skyward Sword! But one of my favorites would be Fi!
So once again I'm thinking of changing my cosplay to FrostBite, first Hideyoshi then Link (Zora armor) then Ventus and now to a character from Skyward Sword... Maybe I'll just make them all three (not Hideyoshi) and then when the day comes I'll pick the one that I want to cosplay at that moment...

But no, I don't have the money so I'll just have to be content with Link.
The helmet only needs paint! One of the most difficult parts is almost done! First I was thinking that this would be a test piece but I don't think I have the time to do the whole thing all over again. See the little blue corner? That's a place that I had to rebuild.

And I started with the Hylian shield, strangely I have been in the mood for making the props and I really DON'T want to start sewing...Oh well all comes in good time. But then again time is running short! It's soon December, a really busy month... I really hope that my cosplay will be finnished before January.

Here I haven't glued the detailed parts yet and the back still needs to be done. Luckily it's a lot more easier that the front.

The scales are just haning around in my room... But I can't really continue on them until I've sewed the black shirt. And I think I have to remove some scales cause it's to big and I think I've made it a bit too long... So I really need to start sewing!!!!