Monday, December 26, 2011

Paper version

I actually started on a new cosplay yesterday! Here is half the paper version! Can you guess what cosplay it is?

If I continue making it with this speed I'll be able to wear it at FrostBite! And that means that Link will be on hold... and another thing with Link is that I really don't think it will make it to that convention so I had to come up with something else that's new! I really don't want to wear an old cosplay...
But! If one of the two new cosplays doesn't make it to the convetion then I'll probably be Ventus.

Another thing with this secret cosplay is that I'm scared that my body form will ruin the whole thing! So I'm really taking a big chance with this one!

Tomorrow shopping with Saana! Mostly to go buy for her stuff but maybe we can go past some shops that I need to go to ;3 Let's see, that would be Eurokangas, a hobby shop to get lots of paint and glue for the hot gluegun and then Etola!

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