Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm back! WC Week Riku

Finally back home and it feels like I'm more exausted than energized...
The cosplayball went well! Got some pictures taken and had fun goofing around mostly around the photostudio as Tifa Lockheart!

 And as for WorldCosplay, Riku from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance version! Boy this one has lots to tell but has already been told aka click on the label Riku and you'll find all the old blog posts that I've written, in which you'll find lots of yummy pictures~, but I'll sum it up in this post just in case... I made it for a competition and it's one of the cosplays that I feel pretty good about but it doesn't really suit me, I knew it wouldn't but I just wanted to make it so badly! Later that year the awesome Xen took some awsome pictures! Which I believe are the best pictures ever taken on any of my cosplays!

And tomorrow I need to hurry up with my other cosplays for Desucon Frostbite! I ordered some new wigs and hope that they'll arrive in time...

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