Monday, January 19, 2015

WC Week Bishamon

Tomorrow on WorldCosplay, I'll start posting pictures of my Bishamon cosplay from Zone-00!
In this blog there are links to older blogposts but I suggest to read this one before reading the older ones.

It was a disaster hahaha, I don't remember much when I was sewing it but I do remember making the shoes and the pearls on the glasses. But the disaster was at the convention, it was the first time I was binding my chest with sports tape and that was a big mistake... My skin didn't like it all and it left pretty ugly scars and it took a while to heal as well. But I did have fun with our group Benio cosplayer, sadly our Benten was cosplaying the next day when I had to leave.

Now a bit of Frostbite progress... Alois pants are done, as well as Ciel's. My vest only needs buttons and the stripes, so the biggest parts that need to be done are the jacket and shoes. But I'm happy with the progress so far. My friend Ciel is also starting to look good!

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