Sunday, December 7, 2014

WC Week Luka Megurine

Another late one... guess I'm bad at keeping my shedule right, actually it's been pretty busy and almost forgot to post the pictures! So today I'm posting two pictures on World Cosplay.

So this week was Luka Megurine, a vocaloid! Two different versions: Just be Friends and KISS!

Just be Friends was a difficult photoshoot since we didn't have a photographer, we took photos of each other and put the camera on timer, it was a challenge hahaha! The dress I didn't make myself, it was simply an old one in the closet that I had used once or twice. What I regret in this photoshoot is that my wig should have been combed better but what's done is done. My sister also helped to take a few pictures, but just a couple... She doesn't really like to take pictures... I did write a short blog, read it here.

As for KISS version, it was something I had wanted to make for a long time but in the end was poorly executed by me, maybe one day I'll try again. Actually I would like to make a cosplay video of the song but I don't know about the kiss part hahaha! You can find the Gakupo cosplayer on World Cosplay as well, and also blogged about this here. Lots of links this time but don't worry there is not much to read just a few pictures that might be interesting to look at.

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