Saturday, November 29, 2014

WC Week Ieyasu

A very VERY late post! Sorry guys, I guess I've been busy so now that it's finally weekend....
you'll see Ieyasu Tokugawa from Sengoku (Basara) Gakuen!

We had this large group at Tracon 2011 and was one of my favorite times I've had while cosplaying! A long time being overweight this was a time that I had gone down in weight and was pretty happy thou it was a bit embarrasing with my stomach showing but also a time that I was not ashamed to show it! Which was a great feeling of relief! Of course over the years it's been jumping up and down my weight problems but not near the heaviest point that I've been, it is still a struggle but slowly I am starting to accept and like my own body...

Go and check it out at World Cosplay! And tomorrow I'll submit another Ieyasu picture and then starts a new week! Can you guess which cosplay I'm gonna post next?

Back to Ieyasu, we did also have a photoshoot in early 2012 which I have posted about, look it up here!

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