Monday, November 17, 2014

Kuroshitsuji and WorldCosplay

Fabric has finally arrived! Took about three weeks, but still this is not all the fabric that me and my friend need for our Kuroshitsuji cosplays but for example the color black is almost always in stock so that's something that I didn't order... Also the lenses for Ciel has arrived! She has never worn contacts before so tommorrow I'll try to show her or more like give her some tips. Nows a good time to mention that I won't be wearing contacts, no my eyes are not blue like Alois but I'm not allowed to wear contacts...yet! Was it in february I went through eye laser surgery so I'm not allowed to wear contacts for a year, I think, but hey hurray for no more eyeglasses!!!

OH! Now is a good time to keep your eyes open on my WorldCosplay profile! I've removed the old photos and edited them so every week I'll upload a new character!

Last week was Midna from the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, this was done in 2010 for an event called Bakacon, the bodysuit was bought and with the help of a friend we painted it three days before the con! I remember the stress that time hahaha, the head piece took a little longer getting the size right and finding good reference pictures about the details, but it was the head piece that got me doing Midna cause it was a challenge for me at that time.

This week I'll be posting Ciel Phantomhive that I did for a PC-meeting 2011ish? This one was also done rather quickly since the shirt just needed the frills added and the trousers were cut to shorts. As for the vest, made it for another cosplay which was never finished, glad had some use for it!
A friend of mine cosplayed Sebastian but sadly I don't look good in any of those pictures or it's more like the wig was uncut so it was too long in the front and just doesn't look good in the photos!!! Sorry Sebastian it has nothing to do with you, you are handsome hahaha but I must say I'm embarrassed that he has posted some of them, one today... Oh well if he thinks it looks good then I'll let it slip by...

So now you'll be getting weekly updates! Until I run out of pictures to post on WC, I'll try to tell something about the outfits and hopefully come up with enough text hahaha...

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