Friday, December 12, 2014

WC Week Roxas

Now starts the Kingdom Hearts boom!

Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2!!! One of my first and favorite cosplay characters!!! I just love him! Ofcourse the outfit that I'm posting pictures of is not the first version that I made in 2008, well the only thing that I renewed was the wig and his jacket, his black shirt and trousers are the first ones that I made with the help of my sister and mom in 2008!!! That's a long time ago! And he is still a very dear character to me! These pictures were taken at Frostbite 2012 but I'm not sure when I redid the jacket...

I've also made the organization coat but it was not that good looking and the pictures were also pretty bad, you never know if I'll renew it someday. We were supposed to do a big group but no one is active so that's too bad...

I've also made a Halloween version that looks a lot like Sora's Halloween version and also a Christmas version. The Xmas version was done in 2011 and some pictures can be seen here in this blog post.

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