Saturday, May 12, 2012

Think Gold!

Finished Bishamon's glasses, it's so annoying that the Yatagarasu have everything golden, hair, wings and eyes! So I had to do the jewellery gold too! And I'm such a silver person xD

Well I spray colored the glasses since there were only silver ones!!! Then I did the chain completely from scratch! I couldn't find anything like it so I had to do it.... At distance it looks good but close up... you can really see the amature work xD Hey it was my first time making something like this! I even had to buy all the tools for help. But all in all it turned out ok.

I've bought all the fabrics and already cut some but I think I'll start sewing next weekend when I have time. Tomorrow I'll be going to my summer home to celebrate mothers day with other relatives, at the same time I will try to make the shoes and maybe the staff. We'll see how much time I will have to do them. Hopefully I'll find the material at least so I can take them with me and continue at home if I don't have the time to do them there...

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