Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Killer boots

The ballerina boots for Kisshou/Benio arrived yesterday! I tried them on and I could bearly stand! So looks like for now they'll be only on when photoshooting... But our Benio cosplayer did say that she'll practise with them but we'll see :'D

Soon I'll be able to start on my own cosplay: Bishamon.
As soon as I get the money to buy fabrics and time to do it, for now it's school first and then cosplay. I just have 14 days of school left and then I'm finished! Then starts the job hunting...

I'm thinking of only making one cosplay to Desucon but I really want to cosplay something girly and at the same time sexy! But with my body as it is now it would be shamefull... I've been playing Final Fantasy 8 a lot so my motivation to cosplay Rinoa has risen to the top again!

I'd also want to finish my Ventus/Zora armors... Yeah  should do that...


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaa meinasin sillo FB kysyy et tuleeks Kisshou mut aattelin et nääääähhh nii harva tietää zone-00

    aaaaa ootan teijä ryhmää nytte sikana ! *3*<3

    1. OOOHH joku tulee ainakin tunnistamaan meitä xDDD