Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Every character in Zone-00 has somekind of a tattoo, some just a small flower others BIG ASS TATTOOS EVERYWHERE!!! Which is a bit annoying...
So yesterday I ordered the special paper, but just came up with a small problem, printers don't use white ink, not if they are special. This is a problem only with Benten's octopus/squid on his arm, the rest are fine.

I've drawn some of the tattoos today, almost all of Benio/Kisshou, the bird, flower and the letter. We will probably draw his scars direct on skin and I'll probably still draw the star on tattoo paper.

And then all of Bishamon are ready, the feather, flower and the letter.

The only tattoos not done are the ones from Benten, the octopus is getting on my nerves since in every picture it looks different!!! Now I'm drawing his back tattoo, the one that has a flower with wings. The flower part is done... I'll do the rest some other day...

Oh yeah! I also drew Mayokos flower since my friend who'll be cosplaying Benten might also cosplay her.

Sorry for the watermarks but this wasn't exactly a piece of cake to do...

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