Monday, April 9, 2012

Love for Zone-00

My next couple of cosplays will be from Zone-00. At Desucon on Saturday we have a group of the three brothers: Bishamon, Benten and Benio/Kisshou, and I'll be Bishamon, crap I'm the shortest and have to cosplay the tallest xD But we probably all will be the same lenght since Benio's ballerina shoes will make her as tal as our Benten with her shoes on. Well what to do, actually before this group I wanted to cosplay Benten and Benio myself but my appearence keeps me from doing them even though I'm buying the materials.

So I'll be spending a lot of money since I'm buying Benio's shoes and wig + all stuff to Bishamon (and maybe Hime) cosplay, the shoes are the most expensive ones... It'll be so funny cause no-one of us will be able to walk xD And I'll be buying the material for the tattoos, I'm already trying to draw them but ARGH I hate Benten's octopus that ALWAYS looks different in every picture!!!

Our Benten cosplayer will also be cosplaying Mayoko at Desucon on Friday or/and Sunday, also a good reason for me to cosplay Hime since I bought a wig for my future Benten cosplay.
It's a bit more yellow than what I wanted but it was cheap, 18€!

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