Thursday, February 23, 2012

Riku 3D: Wigs and other progress

The two new wigs are finally in my hands, muahahahaha... So smart of me to order two different wigs!
So here are the 3 wigs that I bought for Riku, the first one and the two new ones! Defenitly big difference with the two silver/gray ones! The purple one is a bit too dark so that one I'll have to sell if I don't come up with a character which I can use it.

So this silver white wig is the chosen one for Riku!!! Shots from the side and back of the wig!
I expected it to be shorter at the back, so this means more work for me PLUS the have added some kind of gel which has a REEEEEAAAALLY manly smell :''DD So I'll have to wash it :P

Then the keyblade progress...
I don't know, I'm not satisfied with it, down you can see pictures of the progress the keyblade, apperantly I had taken pictures without a memory card so I can't show the whole process :(  but what I really want to do is add clay/plaster/gypsum (in Finnish: kipsiä) to smoothen and make it more even.
The problem is that the convention is this Saturday and I have still a lot to do and no time at all so if I'd do "kipsiä" on it and it would  fail, I'd be in big trouble. So hell, it will be ugly but atleast it's done.
I'll still probably will try with "kipsiä" in the future once I have gotten some decent pictuters of it but right now I'm not taking the risk...

The only thing that needs to be done is paint the handle and then make the keychain part WHICH I really hope that it would go easily and fast!!! I HOPE!!!

Oh and the pants... Well almost done... And the hopefully the belt would be done easily and fast too ^^;;

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