Monday, February 27, 2012

Chibicon Afterward

I actually I had fun this time! It wasn't the usual boring con! I'm starting to wonder, is it because it was such a small con? Or was I just hanging with the right group at the right time?

I've got many friends and so I split them into groups like for exaple the Hetalia friend, which I don't really even hang out with anymore :P

So thank you for the company: Chiruka, Sona and Seibai whom I think I hanged out most with, but I want to thank also all my old and new friends for the great con!

So yes, I was competeing in the cosplay competition and two other friends too, Seibai and Thalion. I was so scared entering alone so I was really excited when I was able to convince Thalion to enter the competition too!
That morning when I put my whole costume on I was soooo dissapointed! It just looked horrible not only that but I was also almost late for advance registration(? Finnish: ennakkoilmoittautuminen) at the con but luckily I made it after running like hell!
And guess what? I got mark/medal of honor for the prop! I was sooo sure that I wouldn't win anything so it was a really awesome suprise! My first competition and my first medal! Now my friends will have a higher expectetion from me xDD I do believe that I only got the prize because I was pertty much the only one with an advanced prop :P

Here is what I got! A medal, a bag, some weird yan yan (is not in the pic for some odd reason xD), a pin which is saying in Finnish "Call me sensei" xD,Naruto training cards...and that's about it the pappers are my competeing number and then a papper saying that I've been competeing which everybody got :3


Oh and also here is the bag I got for the Cosplay Gaala Välähdys with our LHC, it's saying in Finnish "Cosplay without pain is a sham" or this is what the google translator told me xD

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