Monday, February 23, 2015

WC Week Tifa

Tifa WorldCosplay week will also be extended into two weeks! So next Monday there probably won't be a blog post.

The first Tifa cosplay I made was for my sister around 2009 and then the second one was for myself in 2013, both of them were Advent Children version.

My newest Tifa cosplay is from the game when she's at Don Corneo's place aka the Wall Market dress. This one I made for the cosplayball event.

I like her a lot as a character and someday I want to make her other game outfits, her original outfit and cowboy outfit. The only one I'm not interested in making is her childhood outfit.

The Advent Children version I have has not been photoshooted and the pants need to be redone so I might have to redo the whole thing before there will be any pictures of it...

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