Monday, February 16, 2015

Frostbite 2015

Desucon Frostbite was great! It was a long drive to the convention, almost seven hours which went suprisingly quickly. Friday was mostly showing around places to L and introducing my friends, also charging phones and hanging out at McDonalds laughing our asses off... Saturday was the most eventful day, watching the panel about neoshonen genre, shooting our cosplays, watching the cosplay competition, switching cosplays and partying! Sunday was a more relaxing day doing some last shopping and watching the amv competition and then starting our long drive back home, all in all a great time well spent!

Me and L had two small group cosplays, first we had Kuroshitsuji II where we were Alois and Ciel joined by our classmate R who cosplayed as Grell. And our evening outfits were from Me!Me!Me! I was the pink haired girl, L was the blue haired girl and my friend J as the boy! Both awesome groups and had a ton of fun photoshooting and spending time together!

This was L's first convention, first cosplays she made and seems to be thrilled as much as I am about cosplaying! Even on our way home we were throwing ideas about competing! This might become one exciting cosplay year!

 Some selfies!

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