Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What to wear?! @ Tampere Kuplii

Last weekend was Tampere Kuplii! It's more like a small comic festival but they do organize some program for cosplayers.

I haven't been to this event for years, but my friend asked if I wanted to come and help at Manga Café's table, so sure why not!

Even thou I spent most of the time behind the table trying to sell manga and pocky, I had a good time. Got to see friends and spend some time with them but one big thing that kinda was odd...

I was thinking of what to wear but most of them are unfinished so I was quite in panic! In the end I decided not to wer a cosplay but just try to look nice, so I had a pretty cute outfit if I may say so myself.

Now I really have to kick my own butt and get my cosplays ready for Cosvision in Turku!
I'll be quite busy there too, I'm entering with my friend in the cosplay competition, thinking of making a video and then hang out with Tomoko when she has time, last time I saw her it was in Japan when she invited me for lunch in her office. We are also gonna cosplay from the same series so I do hope she'll have time for a quick photoshoot before she goes back to Japan.

Why do I hope she'll have time? Cause she's a guest of honor in Cosvision!
Actually before cosplay Cosvision's announcment of her being a guest of honor I asked her if she'll be coming and she was like "Yeah! Sure!", I was completely suprised when a few days later Cosvision announced her as a guest! So I'm really happy to see her again soon! Check it out! -> Tomoko coming to Cosvision!

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