Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Riku 3D: Jacket done!

The jacket is ready! Finally! It's not that hard when you sew it togheter but the planning and getting the size right is the real pain in the ass! I had a real problem getting the propotions right, especially with the yellow shoulder parts.
Now it's just the pants, shoes and keyblade left. Oh god that's a lot xD

Here are some WIP pictures

Did you notice the wig?
I got it last Saturday, it's a disaster, so on Sunday I ordered TWO new ones just in case. What was wrong? it was too dark and shiny! Strange thing is that the more I look at it the better it gets but once I see the reference pictures I'll be like "OH HELL NO"...


So I ordered two this time, one silver purple and one silver white, hopefully one of them will look good. The big problem with them now is that will they make it before Chibicon? I'd also have to style them! So it might be a close call!
Today I heard from my friend Enriisse who orders them for me, said that they are on their way, but who knows how long their trip will be...

Then the keyblade is another thing which I'm worried about since I haven't even started on it yet!!!

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