Sunday, November 15, 2015

Halloween, cosplayball and Frostbite

How was your Halloween? What did you wear? These questions are long due for this year's event.

Mine was great! Though I didn't finish my outfit and wore Kiki instead, which was a great choice maybe I'll wear it again next year haha.

Tomorrow the tickets for Frostbite will be available so finger crossed that I can get them for me and L! Since she won't have much time to make a cosplay, we decided on a simple pair that we both like from a series she loves haha. It's Gintama's Kagura and Sougo. If we have time we might do one more from the same series. What is so great about cosplaying from Gintama? Photoshooting. These characters are so crazy and fun that many poses you can be just silly and cool, almost anything works! The photos of L's Kagura cosplay from the summer Desucon just turned out amazing!

As for the cosplayball, now I really wanna do Robin Ciel, but that would get quite expensive. but then again any massive dress that I would like to do for the ball would be expensive... And I'm not 100% sure if I can come to the event. Today I did remember that I have Alois which would work for the ball. I don't really want to reuse Rinoa or Tifa unless I can get a partner since they are such simple outfits.

Princess Zelda was also an option but long blond just doesn't work for me, only the Skyward Sword might since her face is a bit more round than in the other games. I did get inspired again by Sona when she yesterday competed in the SM competition with her Link Magic armor cosplay from Twilight Princess but I just don't know...

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