Sunday, October 14, 2012


It feels so long ago since I last posted here... Anyways it was Yamacon on Saturday, I was there probably just a couple of hours and then went photoshooting with Jansutti and Seibai.

The thing with Yamacon was that it took me an hour to just find one friend! Even though it was a small convention it was like none of my friends came! It was full of little kids and beginners! I don't want to sound rude but I was just lonely! But then when Janica and Seibai came we went photoshooting! But I felt that my cosplay failed, the skirt just wouldn't stay in place so I kept tugging on it and the wig kept sliding off of my head D: Oh well, some pictures turned out fine.

I cosplayed as Luka and Seibai as Gakupo, KISS version and photos taken by Janica and Seibai!

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