Monday, June 11, 2012

Desucon 2012 a big flop!

Where should I begin...
It went really well in the beginning! Me, Jarmo, Sami and Starblom headed to Desucon on Friday, and oh it was a fun ride~
At Desucon it was a bit annoing that me and Jenna had to run around at the convention looking for the seller for Jarmos ticket but at least we found her!

And we also got some pictures with Jenna of our Zone-00 cosplays!

I was awake all night since I couldn't get any sleep but early on Saturday morning I was starting to feel sick and hurting, I was having an allergic reaction and a really bad panic attack! First time I cried at a con and I'm 20 years old for gods sakes! Grow up woman! So I called my mom to get me home and now I've been lying in my bed for two days in pain poping medicine...

So this convetion was a waste of money and time! I'm so dissapointed in myself cuz I couldn't be there with Benten and Kisshou on Saturday! Well hopefully we'll go some other day photoshooting.

And as usual, good pics when I'm goofing around and the innocent angel ;D

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