Monday, March 5, 2012

Upcoming cons and possible cosplays 2012

As the title says, so I'll try to list them in order.

Tampere Kuplii / Kirsikkakukkacon
These are two different events but I'm not even sure if I'll go to them, if I'd get my Zora armor ready I'd think I'll go and compete at TreKuplii. Otherwise I won't go, it also depends if I can get a ride there :P

Desucon / Animecon
Animecon is a no go, it's just too far away this time and I'm not interested!
Desucon I was thinking of not cosplaying and just going to the artist alley to sell my stuff but this depends if I don't join some awesome cosplay group or have a partner or something...

Is probably the last con if there isn't any small event like Cosplay Gaala.
It would be cool to go and compete in the Ventus Armor at this con but it all depends on the cosplay if I can get it to work :'D

Other random cosplays and one in the making is Luka Megurine (KISS version) which I'd love to find a Gakupo for a partner... But mostly I'm making it as something I can wear "casually" to a con or at the evening parties. And I'd love to cosplay some more girls... like Rinoa Heartilly, Tifa Lockheart or one of the Kingdom Hearts girls...

We'll see how long the money will last :''DD


  1. Seuravaa cosplay gaala on joskus marraskuussa, tais olla joskus marraskuun puolesvälis tai jotain, ei jaksa tarkistaa nyt xD

  2. Mä HALUUN olla sun Gakupo =3
    Terveisin Seibai