Monday, October 10, 2011

Last weekend's wig arrivals

Finally I got the wigs that arrived ages ago! But a friend orders them for me and so the wigs get sended to him so I always have to wait a bit longer. But as long as I get good quality wigs, then I don't mind waiting.

The newcomers are:

The wig for Tamiya from Litchi Hikari Club, a bit shiny and noticed that I have to glue it since apparently a part is coming off as seen in the picture. I don't really want to cut the bangs shorter but I'm just going to have to do it. Otherwise it won't look like Tamiya at all!

Next is the wig for Hideyoshi from Sengoku Basara, the color isn't the best but then again his hair color differs from picture to picture.
A friend recommended me to get with clips because of Hideyoshi's little ponytail. It came with two clips so I can at least mess up once or just goof around with one!

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