Friday, October 28, 2011

CosplayGaala: Litchi Hikari Club

Or Lychee Light Club in English...
Yeah from this series I cosplayed last Sunday with some awesome people. Too bad the club wasn't complete but we were 5 members: Zera, Nico, Jaibo, Raizou an Tamiya.

And I was as Tamiya, I hated how my collar was so loose that it always fell down and otherwise it didn't look nice at all. And now when I see the photos I get a bit annoyed by my blue contact lenses. I didn't have money to buy new ones and it's better to have contacts than glasses. And with some photoshop editing it's easy to change the eye color.

It felt so cool when we were walking and everyone had the same looking uniform :'D
Oh and we were mostly photoshooting that day, we only went to watch the cosplay competitions at the Gaala, and it was a really disappointing event this year, which is kinda sad.

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