Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Frosty Frostbite

It hasn't been this cold in years! Or at least that's how I feel like it was. And so we weren't able to photoshoot since nobody wanted to go out and freeze and every nook and cran was filled with people on the inside.

But I'm kinda glad we didn't take that many pictures since I looked horrible as Sougo, sad to say it but I'm just too fat, I've gained a lot and just not happy with any photos. I need to get in shape! Because someday I want to redo this cosplay!

I also cosplayed as Hijikata for like a few minutes because a Gintoki cosplayer wanted pictures but I've already told you guys why we didn't shoot... so I just switched my wig back to Sougo since that was my planned cosplay for Frostbite even if I looked a bit better in dark hair.

As for the evening party, I sprained my ankle pretty bad so it was painful and wasn't able to fully enjoy the evening... Plus Frostbite's own party sucked so we went to the bar next to it haha. I loved our evening outfits, we were so cute!

The best part of the convention was making new friends! Hope that we'll meet again and cosplay from the same series!

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