Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Frosty Frostbite

It hasn't been this cold in years! Or at least that's how I feel like it was. And so we weren't able to photoshoot since nobody wanted to go out and freeze and every nook and cran was filled with people on the inside.

But I'm kinda glad we didn't take that many pictures since I looked horrible as Sougo, sad to say it but I'm just too fat, I've gained a lot and just not happy with any photos. I need to get in shape! Because someday I want to redo this cosplay!

I also cosplayed as Hijikata for like a few minutes because a Gintoki cosplayer wanted pictures but I've already told you guys why we didn't shoot... so I just switched my wig back to Sougo since that was my planned cosplay for Frostbite even if I looked a bit better in dark hair.

As for the evening party, I sprained my ankle pretty bad so it was painful and wasn't able to fully enjoy the evening... Plus Frostbite's own party sucked so we went to the bar next to it haha. I loved our evening outfits, we were so cute!

The best part of the convention was making new friends! Hope that we'll meet again and cosplay from the same series!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cosplay New Years ball

Yeah it's late by over a month and this post will probably be short but expect upcoming posts on Frostbite and Yukicon!

As I didn't finnish my Shinsengumi jacket, I wasn't able to pull off Sougo which I had wanted to do. Instead I went more as a casual femme Sougo. At the ball I was really tired, a bit sick and had travelled from Tallinn to Helsinki on the same day. The best part was probably that I got to dance with the skilled dancer Sona, so I felt very flattered xD Otherwise the so called disco music was not in my taste this year, so I left earlier to catch up on sleep.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Oh Robin...

I really do want to make Robin Ciel but then again that would be a massiv project for me, I've already been going crazy about the differences in the manga and anime. So I really want to do more research before I start making it, so it is a no to the cosplayball.

I love having a cosplay partner or group and so when making one when I know that I don't have anyone, then I often don't see the point in making. For Robin Ciel, Teacher Sebastian, Madam Red or Viscount Druitt would be a lot more fun to have with me... That reminds me, I do have a friend who was interested in Madam Red but I know for sure that she won't be coming to the ball...

So it is still open on what I'll wear at the ball, heck I might put the Robin Ciel that I bought but I prefer to wear something I've made myself and there is plenty of options.

As for Frostbite, it was a piece of cake to get the tickets! Next week I'm going to a job/trainee interview, which is good but also scary that I don't know how much time I'll have to make my cosplay and help L on hers! I might have a week or just a weekend to help her! Plus it takes six hours to get there! That really makes it tight! So tomorrow I'm gonna go check on fabrics for us and maybe some other stuff as well... I just hope that it doesn't rain...

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Halloween, cosplayball and Frostbite

How was your Halloween? What did you wear? These questions are long due for this year's event.

Mine was great! Though I didn't finish my outfit and wore Kiki instead, which was a great choice maybe I'll wear it again next year haha.

Tomorrow the tickets for Frostbite will be available so finger crossed that I can get them for me and L! Since she won't have much time to make a cosplay, we decided on a simple pair that we both like from a series she loves haha. It's Gintama's Kagura and Sougo. If we have time we might do one more from the same series. What is so great about cosplaying from Gintama? Photoshooting. These characters are so crazy and fun that many poses you can be just silly and cool, almost anything works! The photos of L's Kagura cosplay from the summer Desucon just turned out amazing!

As for the cosplayball, now I really wanna do Robin Ciel, but that would get quite expensive. but then again any massive dress that I would like to do for the ball would be expensive... And I'm not 100% sure if I can come to the event. Today I did remember that I have Alois which would work for the ball. I don't really want to reuse Rinoa or Tifa unless I can get a partner since they are such simple outfits.

Princess Zelda was also an option but long blond hair...it just doesn't work for me, only the Skyward Sword might since her face is a bit more round than in the other games. I did get inspired again by Sona when she yesterday competed in the SM competition with her Link Magic armor cosplay from Twilight Princess but I just don't know...

Thursday, October 29, 2015


I keep returning to this blog on Halloweens, haha! Probably because it is the perfect chance to dress up! I feel like last year I knew what I wanted and that fitted the theme which was Kiki. Still haven't photoshooted it and it has been a year, oh my...

And this year I kinda had an idea of what I wanted to make from my list of cosplays but it wasn't really Halloween related... So with a low budget in mind I bought the materials and it's pretty close to done but I'm not sure if it will be ready on time for tomorrow. Even if I do get it done, I'm not sure if I would wear it.

The fabric is just not right and I'm not sure if I feel comfortable wearing it, which is really sad. It doesn't look that well made. And have no idea where to attach the zipper on the skirt so that it would look good. All I can do is hope that when everything is done that it might actually suprise me and look good, keep your thumbs up for me please, I need it.

It looks like a basic Japanese sailor school uniform. I did have a character in mind from Gintama, any guesses?